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Lawncare Green bay, VA

Commercial Lawn Care and Landscaping Services in Green Bay, Va


Commercial Landscaping

Enhancing the value and visual appeal of your commercial sites can be made possible through our professional landscaping services. Our comprehensive design and installation solutions encompass a wide range of services including tree and shrub planting as well as other outdoor structures and focal points. We want to help you attract more visitors and keep homeowners and tenants happy.

Commercial Lawn Care

Elevate the value and the aesthetic appeal of your property with our professional lawn care services. Simplicity Home and Landscape, LLC provides a comprehensive range of lawn care services including lawn mowing, weed management, and other aspects of lawn care. Additionally, we offer seasonal tasks such as clearing fall leaves and mulching in the spring. Whether you require lawn maintenance, Landscape maintenance, or shrub trimming, count on us to cater to your needs.

Three Steps to Care Free Attractive Curb Appeal

1.Contact Us 

Reach out to us today to get your free estimate started

2.Get your estimate.

We will get in contact with you to set up a time to come out and look at your project and learn about your vision.

3.Leave The Work to Us! 

Relax and let us handle keeping your property in pristine condition


Simplicity Home and Landscape, LLC

Simplicity Home and Landscape, LLC is a Class A Contractor specializing in commercial landscaping and Commercial lawn care in Green Bay, Va. We offer year-round solutions for your outdoor property maintenance. Our team serves all of Prince Edward County and can help keep your business property looking beautiful year-round. We can work with you and your company to get your property to where you want it and then maintain it at a high standard.
       Our experienced teams are here to help your business get the look you're looking for, that helps invite customers in the door. As one of the top outdoor living companies in Green Bay, VA, we understand you are looking for something unique and special for your place and we strive to provide that at the highest level. Ensure that your Green Bay, VA business's exterior appears inviting and well maintained, by investing in landscape maintenance and landscaping projects, as curb appeal plays a crucial role in attracting customers.

Some of the businesses we are set up to serve in 23942 area include

  1.  Apartment Complexes

  2. Schools and other complexes

  3. County, State, and City Complexes

  4. Churches

  5. Small Business

  6. Shopping Centers

  7. Stores

  8. Doctor's Offices

  9. Banks

  10. Restaurants

  11. Town Homes and Duplexes

  12. Hotels

  13. Hospitals

  14. Homeowner's associations

  15. Utilities and Industrial

  16. All other Commercial Sites

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